0.9.12 (2019-01-17)

  • CHANGED: update fltk dependencies(1.3.4)
  • IMPROVED: Now commands and icebergsupport.shell_execute take a sudo parameter. If this value is set to true, the command will be run as an administrator user.
  • IMPROVED: Now iceberg uses a more good looking message box

How to upgrade from 0.9.11

  • Download 0.9.12
  • Copy iceberg.exe from 0.9.11 and paste it to the 0.9.12
  • Delete commands.cache and icons.cache
  • Execute :scan_search_path all

0.9.11 (2016-10-03)

  • IMPROVED: Improve DirectWrite drawing perfornamce.
  • IMPROVED: Add direct_write_params option, This allows you to configure the details of DirectWrite.
  • IMPROVED: Now XDG_CONFIG_PATH affects a config file path on Linux.
  • IMPROVED: Now double clicking on the list box runs a selected command.
  • CHANGED: Change the lua module directory name from luamodule to lualibs .
  • FIXED: Fix a bug where a multibyte font name was ignored when DirectWrite is enabled.
  • NEW: Add icebergsupport.get_input_text_values
  • NEW: Add auto_merge
  • CHANGED: Translate the main content of the documents from Japanese to English.

How to upgrade from 0.9.10

  • Download 0.9.11
  • Copy iceberg.exe from 0.9.11 and paste it to the 0.9.10
  • Replace luamodule to lualibs in config.lua and luamodule/winsupport.lua

0.9.10 (2016-08-30)

  • IMPROVED: Implement DirectWrite on Windows.

How to upgrade from 0.9.9

  • Download 0.9.10
  • Copy iceberg.exe from 0.9.10 and paste it to the 0.9.9
  • Add disable_direct_write=true to the system global variable in config.lua . If you want to enable DirectWrite, set false.

0.9.9 (2016-01-31)

  • IMPROVED: Now completion functions takes an argument position as a second parameter.
  • NEW: Add icebergsupport.table_find , icebergsupport.getopts and icebergsupport.comp_state .
  • FIXED: Fix a possible deadlock while loading icons.
  • FIXED: Fix a possible segfault while typing a keyboard.

How to upgrade from 0.9.8

  • Download 0.9.9
  • Copy iceberg.exe from 0.9.9 and paste it to the 0.9.8
  • Copy luamodule/icebergsupport.lua from 0.9.9 and paste it to the 0.9.8

0.9.8 (2015-12-27)

  • NEW: Command definitions now have a terminal attribute.
  • IMPROVED: Now iceberg detects an update of environment variables on Windows, so you do not need to reboot the iceberg when you update environment variables anymore.
  • IMPROVED: Standardization a plugin structure.
  • IMPROVED: Now the config.d directory is available on Windows.
  • FIXED: Fix the bug where loading a GIF or an XPM file causes segfault.

How to upgrade from 0.9.7

  • Download 0.9.8

  • Copy iceberg.exe and luamodule/icebergsupport.lua from 0.9.8 and paste it to the 0.9.7

  • Delete commands.cache and icons.cache

  • Create plugins directory under ICEBERG_CONFIG_HOME

  • Create config.d directory under ICEBERG_CONFIG_HOME (Windows user only)

  • Add terminal to system global variable in config.lua like the following (Windows user only)

    system = {
      terminal = "cmd /k ${1}",
  • Add the following line to the end of the config.lua

    ibs.load_lua_files(ibs.join_path(script_path, "config.d"))

0.9.7 (2015-11-19)

  • NEW: Now iceberg works on Linux!
  • NEW: Now you can use svg images as icons.
  • CHANGED: Update fltk to 1.3.3.
  • CHANGED: Update Oniguruma to 5.9.6.

How to upgrade from 0.9.6

  • Download 0.9.7
  • Copy iceberg.exe from 0.9.7 and paste it to the 0.9.6
  • Delete commands.cache and icons.cache

0.9.6 (2014-10-20)

  • FIXED: Fix the bug where some icons are not loaded correctly.
  • NEW: Add path_autocomplete and option_autocomplete to system .
  • FIXED: Fix a a possible crash while reading certain paths.
  • CHANGED: Now iceberg binary distributions are compiled with MinGW-W64 4.9.1 .
  • IMPROVED: Now you can set a single key to hot_key .

How to upgrade from 0.9.5

  • Download 0.9.6

  • Copy iceberg.exe from 0.9.6 and paste it to the 0.9.5

  • Delete icons.cache

  • Add path_autocomplete and option_autocomplete to system global variable in config.lua like the following:

    system = {
      path_autocomplete = true,
      option_autocomplete = true,

0.9.5 (2014-03-04)

  • FIXED: '&' can not be shown in the list box.
  • FIXED: Some key combinations(e.g. shift-tab ) do not work correctly.

0.9.4 (2013-11-05)

  • NEW: Add always_match to completion candidates.
  • NEW: icebergsupport.selected_index , icebergsupport.brshift and icebergsupport.blshift

0.9.3 (2013-11-01)

  • FIXED: shift+arrow keys does not work.
  • FIXED: Fix a possible crash while opening the context menu of certain items.
  • FIXED: Relative paths are not converted correctly to an absolute path.
  • FIXED: Fix the bug where rebooting is failed if server_port is enabled.
  • CHANGED: Now record a command name to the history even though history is set to false .
  • IMPROVED: A modal window can be closed by the Enter key.

0.9.2 (2013-09-07)

  • FIXED: Non-threadsafe functions are called under a multithreaded environment without locks.
  • IMPROVED: Now completion functions are defined in a command definition.
  • NEW: icebergsupport.get_clipboard_histories and system.max_clipboard_histories .
  • NEW: clipboard command as a default command .
  • NEW: icebergsupport.add_history
  • NEW: -m activate CUI option

0.9.1 (2013-08-24)

  • FIXED: Can not execute *.lnk when the input box has a value that is enclosed in " .
  • FIXED: Compiletion candidates is not filtered correctly when a completion function returns a table.
  • IMPROVED: Now you can use jpeng files as an icon.
  • IMPROVED: More effective icon caching methods.
  • NEW: icebergsupport.unquote_path .
  • NEW: alttab command as a default command.

0.9.0 (2013-08-15)

  • First release